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About us

dezzer music – the professional sound design company

Inspired to find the music of the future, the sound label and company „dezzer music“ was founded
by Dave Danzehill. Through all his years of making sound design, (re)mixing and mastering, Dave and
his team bring all of their great experiences to the professional current product developments.

The vision of the unmistakable and unforgettable sound drives the team into the great creativity and
the powerful passion with the highest attention to every detail.

High-end equipment is only used for our sound design production – that‘s the basis of our work and
that‘s our professional demand!

Our products facilitate the work of every musician… whatever the music style is: dance, trance, house,
EDM, Electro Pop, hip hop, drum&base, film scores, soundtracks and many more.

Our professional and ambitious demand for music production is also shown in our selected offers of
music equipement: You can find high-quality music equipement which is required for professional
music production – hand-made selected by our dezzer music team and most of the music equipement
personally proofed guaranteed! (coming soon)

Enjoy the art of your sound!

Join us!